I suposse that “forced” is a qualified therm. I’ve been capable of evade the small partyes that Tony prepares practically every.fucking.night… but midgard festivities… those i can’t avoid…

So this last weekend I was draged by Thor to the so-called “st. John’s Eve” were midgardians dance all night long to the sound of manic electric noises.

I managed to slip away of the main concentration of people, But that Parker youth caught me and show me the other more ancient traditions. Bonfires were lit and I ignited ome of those strange contraptions called “firecrackers”.

So, maybe not all the midgardians are mortaly boring and repetitive. (But i’m not so sure if I like the fact that he drags his camera everywhere… I suposse it makes sense to want to preserve te image of a God, But I felt a bit stalked…)

Photos by Peter Parker


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    An answer to a question I asked ages ago. Hawt pictures, though. I feel so lucky that (s)he(?) put in that effort.
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